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International Training Workshop on Major Communicable Diseases in Developing Countries

Opening Ceremony

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    On 6th, June, Opening Ceremony of the International Training Workshop on Major Communicable Diseases in Developing Countries was held in Jinan. This training workshop is sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and organized by the School of Medicine and Life Sciences of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences. Prof. Guo Weixing, President of SAMS and Mr. Liang Kailong, Director of the International Cooperation Office, Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial Government attended the ceremony. Mrs. Lv Xiaoli, Vice President of SAMS presided the opening ceremony.
    This workshop is aimed at the promotion and application of know-how, improve the expertise of medical professionals and managers in relation to major communicable disease control in developing countries, and thus promoting the academic and technology collaboration of various patterns between China and other countries in the area of communicable disease control.
    The main training topics include treatment techniques, monitoring methods and disease control policies of common communicable diseases in developing countries, such as cholera, malaria, filariasis, schistosomiasis, tuberculosis, leprosy, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases. In addition to special lectures and seminars, the training forms also include visiting the Provincial Dermatology Research Institute (hospital), the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Jinan Infectious Diseases Hospital, Jinan Central Hospital, Qilu Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and other medical and scientific research institutions and enterprises. There are 20 students from Nepal, India, Mongolia, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Burundi, Ghana and so on.
    Related staff of the International Office and Education Department of SAMS attended the ceremony. Adam Muhammad from Nigeria made a speech on behalf of all the students.
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