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The Fifth Academic Conference of Oncology - Sino-American Summit Forum on Precision Oncology


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    On June 17th to 21st, the Fifth Academic Conference of Oncology, Shandong and the Sino-American Summit Forum on Precision Oncology were held in Jinan. At the opening ceremony, Xiyan, the director of the Shandong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, and Yu Jinming, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Shandong Tumor Hospital  attended the meeting.
    Shandong Cancer Center aims to promote the province's cancer prevention and control work,  to generalize appropriate technology and to set up cancer prevention and control network. The cancer center will give full play to the province's cancer prevention and control work, improve the province's technical specifications on cancer prevention and control, and accelerate the construction of healthy Shandong.
    Academician Yu Jinming and Professor Liao Zhongxing from the United States MD Anderson Cancer Center signed a memorandum of cooperation. Both sides will build cooperation in the field of medical technology, research projects, personnel exchange training, international referral remote consultation and other aspects.
    The forum invited more than ten well-known professors from the United States, Britain, Sweden and other countries, three academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, as well as nearly 200 academic elites. It held 23 wonderful academic meetings on the basic research, prevention, diagnosis , treatment and rehabilitation, and attracted more than 2,000 experts and researchers to participate and conducted academic exchanges and discussions.

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