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2017 Academic Month Was Held in SAMS


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    In order to enhance the academic atmosphere and promote academic exchanges and cooperation, Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) recently held a series of academic activities, namely, Academic Month. Affiliated institutes and hospitals carried out a series of academic activities, Including academic lectures, academic exchanges, research training which added up to 58 times.

    SAMS held the “Annual Assessment on Medical Science and Technology Innovation Project”, to conduct an assessment of tasks and targets of 14 innovative engineering teams. Some institutes invited domestic and foreign well-known experts to give academic lectures. For instance, Shandong Institute of Dermatology Diseases held a symposium on international drug adverse reactions, and invited well-known experts from the Singapore Genomics Research Institute, the British University of Liverpool, the University of Florida, Anhui Medical University, Peking University People’s Hospital and other institutions in the field of drug adverse reactions. Shandong Research Institute of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases has developed a detailed monthly work plan, including the start of the monthly activities, expert forums, academic salons, academic face-to-face, etc..

    “Academic Month” is a popular academic exchange platform. It enhances the academic atmosphere of scientific research, actives academic thinking, strengthens the academic exchanges and cooperation, answers the questions and doubts that scientific research and clinical staff encounter in their work, raises the researchers’ enthusiasm for the scientific research and promotes the level of scientific research.

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