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Leprosy Symptom Monitoring Working Conference Was Held in Shandong


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    February 24, Leprosy Symptom Monitoring Working Conference was held in Shandong. It informed early detection of leprosy in 2016 and deployment of leprosy symptom monitoring work in 2017.
    Guo Weixing, president of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that from the 90s of last century Shandong Province took the lead in the country to basically eliminate leprosy, and kept the epidemic at low level. With the reduction of new cases of leprosy in our province, early detection of patients becomes the most important work of leprosy prevention and control work. Shandong Province has carried out early investigation of leprosy pilot projects, leprosy laboratory diagnostic techniques and so on to strengthen the application of research, and then applied it to the prevention and treatment of leprosy. Leprosy prevention and control work has made new progress.
    Zhang Furen, vice president of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences and head of Shandong Institute of Dermatology Diseases gave an academic report on "atypical leprosy diagnosis" with his own personal experience. Through the development of leprosy symptoms monitoring, it can further sum up experience in order to improve the level of leprosy prevention and control, promote the province's leprosy prevention and control work, make contributions to the national leprosy prevention and control work.

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