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Delegation of SAMS Visited Britain and France to Conduct Academic Exchanges


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     From August 28th to September 4th, 2016, at the invitation of School of Medicine, University of Cambridge and University of Paris Diderot, Sun Chunling, vice president of SAMS led the delegation to visit Britain and France to carry out academic exchanges.

     In the UK, the delegation discussed with Professor Li Demin, Institute of Molecular Medicine of Oxford, about the research cooperation on the cellular immune mechanism and signed a letter of intent, which indicated that the two sides agreed to jointly carry out scientific research, exchange of scientific research, implementation of information sharing, medical education cooperation, and carry out joint school, and exchange students and scholars. The delegation then visited FJ Gilbert, President of School of Medicine of Cambridge University, and visited the School of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Glasgow. During the visit, the members of the delegation gave a detailed account of the medical research, medical care, prevention and education as well as the outstanding achievements of SAMS in recent years, and built in-depth exchanges in teacher team building, personnel training, education and research funding management, as well as education, scientific research information platform and other issues.

     In France, Sun Chunling and her party met with researchers of Biology and Endocrine Pancreatology Laboratory of University of Paris Diderot. They learned more about its achievements in scientific research, technology transfer practices and funding management experience, as well as laboratory infrastructure and they also discussed the exchange of student education strategies related to the Graduate Program on Nutrition, Metabolism and Signaling. At the same time, the delegation visited George Pompidou Hospital.
     Through this academic exchange, the cooperation relationship with relevant scientific and medical institutes in the UK and France was further confirmed, which effectively promoted the communication quality of scientific research, medical treatment and education of SAMS and laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation with developed countries.

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