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SAMS Held Scientific Research Seminar


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On October 11, 2016 in order to deepen the implementation of scientific research, further strengthen academic exchanges, advance the scientific research work in 2017, fully implement the objectives and tasks defined by the mid- and long-term development plan, and promote the sustainable development of scientific research, SAMS held the scientific research seminar. The leaders of SAMS, directors of the institutes and scientific research personnel attended the meeting.
Party Secretary Han Jinxiang awarded prizes for the advanced management unit of the 2016 National Natural Science Foundation. In the declaration work of 2016 National Natural Science Foundation, Shandong Institute of Dermatology Diseases and Shandong Tumor Hospital made outstanding performances. Shandong Institute of Dermatology Diseases received four National Natural Science Fund projects, including one major project of international cooperation and exchange; Shandong Tumor Hospital received 12 National Natural Science Fund projects, which exceeded 10 for two consecutive years, and over fulfilled the goal.
President Guo Weixing in his speech summed up the state-level projects in 2016, which includes 30 national-level projects, consisting of 4 national key R & D projects and 26 projects receiving National Natural Science Fund. SAMS received state-level project funding 42 million yuan, which reached a record high. For the 2017 national project declaration, he put forward three requirements. Firslyt, all institutes should attach great importance to the projects and continue to put state funds as the core of next year's scientific research task. All institutes should firmly establish the team awareness, Progressing consciousness and sense of crisis, and develop strong work initiatives to find new growth points and try to make a breakthrough. Secondly, we should seize the opportunity, tap the potential, make an inventory of resources, and create a strong academic atmosphere. We should seize the strategic opportunity of the deepening of science and technology system reform and the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" to start the innovation project and actively organize diverse academic activities, and hire domestic and foreign experts to give academic reports in order to build a platform for innovative talent and scientific research team. Thirdly, we should carry out all the work well and deliver tangible results. Vice President Zhang Furen and people in charge of the unit signed a 2017 declaration of responsibility for the National Natural Science Fund.
The meeting invited expert Dai Tao, vice director of the Science and Technology Development Research Center of the National Development Planning Commission to make a special report on the situation of the national scientific and technological system reform, and explained the key points of the scientific and technological innovation plan of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", as well as the organization and implementation of special project of in the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Scientific research is an important measure for accelerating the scientific research work, which is of great significance for the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and the implementation of the long-term development plan of scientific research work.

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