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Shandong Application Demonstration Centre of Genetic Testing Technology Starts in Zibo


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On September 28th, 2016 Zibo Municipal People’s Government and Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences jointly held the launching ceremony of the Application Demonstration Center of Genetic Testing Technology and signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Zibo Municipal People’s Government and Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences”. Party Secretary of SAMS Han Jinxiang attended the launching ceremony. Liu Dongjun, vice mayor of Zibo Municipal Government, Yao Qingqiang, vice president of SAMS and other leaders made speeches.
Vice President Yao Qingqiang pointed out in his speech that SAMS and Zibo enterprises and institutions has carried out fruitful cooperation and exchanges in drug research and development, biotechnology, medical equipment, etc.. The signing of the agreement marks the beginning of a new phase of cooperation between the two sides. SAMS will give full play to its unique advantages in medicine, education, human resources and local economic services, fully implement the various tasks stipulated in the agreement, achieve strategic alliances of production, teaching and research cooperation, and form a good situation of mutual complementarities in order to provide strong intellectual support for the economic and social development of Zibo City.
Vice Mayor Liu Dongjun pointed out in his speech that the strategic cooperation between Zibo City and SAMS is not only a major event in the city’s medical and health fields, but also a blessing for the people of the city, which has important significance in promoting the development of medical and health services in Zibo. The city’s medical and health institutions at all levels should learn the advanced management philosophy, technological innovation, optimization services, and other advanced experience of SAMS, and improve all types of genetic disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. He hopes that SAMS could give full play to medical resources, clinical technology, personnel training and many other advantages and to give more help for Zibo health care industry. Zibo Municipal Government will give full support to land, talent, capital, health policy, public infrastructure and other supporting facilities, and promote cooperation as soon as possible to bear fruitful results.
After the ceremony, Han Jinxiang, Liu Dongjun, Yao Qingqiang and other leaders inspected the construction of new area of Zibo Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Later, Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 301 Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine of the USA and Reproductive Hospital of Shandong University gave brilliant academic reports at the symposium on “Precision Medicine and Genetic Testing in Shandong Province”.

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