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General Introduction of SAMS


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    Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) is a public institution which directly subordinates to the provincial government. It was established in 1958, and has developed into a comprehensive medical science research institution which covers science research, medical treatment, preventive treatment, education as well as science support and service. There are 13 subordinate institutes and 9 subordinate hospitals belonging to SAMS. Besides, there is College of Medicine and Life Sciences which undertakes training medicine talented people, and Shandong Medicine Research Institute which is a joint-stock enterprise.
    At present, SAMS has 3,150 staff members in total, which includes 2733 professionals (626 Prof. & Vice Prof.), and more than 90 people receive provincial-level honorary titles or awards. Among these professors, there are 2 CAE academicians, 1 expert as the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, 1 as the first batch of millions engineering talents in “Ten Thousand Talents Plan”, 1 as the “State Class Persons of National Talents Engineering of Ministry of Personnel of China”, 7 Professors of Taishan Scholar, 2 Shandong excellent innovation teams, 22 doctoral tutors and 224 master tutors. Besides, 29 academicians of the CAS and CAE and 43 oversea experts act as our counselors or guest professors.
    In recent years, SAMS accelerates the sustainable development of research, medical treatment, preventive treatment and education, which has achieved remarkable achievements. Now SAMS possesses 1 state key laboratory cultivation base, 1 key laboratory of Ministry of Health, 4 state key clinical subjects, 1 key laboratory of State Administration of Traditional Medicine, 1 key subject of State Administration of Traditional Medicine, 4 major laboratories affiliated to Shandong Province, 4 provincial demonstration engineering technology research centers, 2 provincial engineering technology research centers, 1 provincial soft science research base, 1 provincial engineering laboratory, and also works as national “medical treatment chemical poisoning base” and national “radiation medical treatment base”. In addition there are 10 provincial medical and health key laboratories, 15 provincial medical and health key disciplines. College of Medicine and Life Sciences has been approved the first-level discipline to award the doctoral degree and possessed 4 first-level discipline master degrees, 40 second level master degrees and clinical medicine science master disciplines, and 3 undergraduate programs, which form a complete structure of innovation system and talent training system.
    Since 1981, SAMS has undertaken 3609 scientific research projects, which includes 312 national level projects and 804 provincial level projects. SAMS has achieved 1082 Sci-tech Awards, including 12 State Sci-tech Progress Awards and 330 Ministerial or Provincial Sci-tech Progress Awards. A group of international standard innovative products have realized huge social and economic benefits.
    SAMS covers an area of one square kilometers, including the new eastern center under construction with 666600 square meters. By the end of 2015, the total net assets of SAMS are RMB 2.761 billion, and fixed assets are RMB 1.749 billion. SAMS’ comprehensive strength ranks the first among the provincial medical scientific research institutes.
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